We make recipes COVID-19 resistant!
Calculate a recipe in just 1 min 20s
Improve your food cost by 15%
Metro prices updated daily
Automatic calculation of the optimal selling price for a recipe
Centralized recipe collection
Menukit makes the employees and myself more creative. It greatly facilitates the calculation too!
Renate Deng
With the MenuKit I always have the exact prices under control for my kitchen team and myself. It is essential for the successful management of my restaurant.
Erbahan Memedov
MenuKit helps me and my employees to be more productive. It provides me with a more transparent overview.
Harald Grunert und
Michael Hahn
Köln & Berlin
Digitization belongs to food culture. We are happy that restaurateurs are becoming more aware of it and that MenuKit is facilitating the whole calculation part.
Ulvi & Murat Topcuoglu
Germany & Switzerland
The MenuKit gives me great insights into the performance of my business. It is a must-have for an international franchise company. Up-to-date, automated and future oriented.
Get the MenuKit for free now and save valuable time!
The exact calculation of the use of goods in the catering industry is crucial to managing a profitable business. The smallest errors can cost huge sums of money. The MenuKit is a piece of software that supports restaurateurs in their calculations and thus transforms the tightrope walk into walking on safe terrain. This means that cumbersome calculations using complicated Excel tables are a thing of the past.
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